About Me

I am a wife of the most wonderful man in the world.  He lets me be me and I try to let him be him :).  He works very hard so i can be a stay at home mom to 2 very energetic boys.  The best way I describe them is they are 100% boy.  They love gross things, smelling them, touching them and yes even tasting them.  But I don't know what I would do if they weren't like this.  We are a homeschooling family that encourages them that everything is learning. The good stuff and the bad stuff.  Living life is the best way to learn.
I try to workout at least 5 days week,running,biking and cross training.  We try living a paleo life style and the carbs we do consume are gluten free.  Mainly this has to do with the fact that it helps my children be who they need to be and not hoped up on things they don't need in their body. As a family we love the outdoors, camping, biking, hiking, skateboarding, swimming, pond hockey, snowboarding, even just playing in the backyard is a daily activity in our house.

I have 1 dog, she is 1/2 beagle & 1/2 Australian Blue Heeler VERY CUTE.

I love to craft I have been crafting since I can remember.  I love every type of crafting outlet (except scraping booking and crocheting). I knit,sew,plastic canvas,cross stitch, quilt, jewelry making, yarn dyeing, yarn spinning, photography, wood working, wood burning and one of my BFF's is my hot glue gun.  And everything in between.

I also am a very slow reader so I listen to audiobooks.  I have my earbuds in at least 8X 7 (I can't do 24X7). I am very grateful I can download them from my library since being on a budget is a must.

So that's me! Enjoy!

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