Friday, May 9, 2014

Found the help they (or Me) needed!

My last post was a little negative about my homeschooling and the way my kids are taking to it.  They have improved a lot over the past couple of months.  I did sit down with them and told them that if I don't get some help from them they have to start school in the fall and that is that.  My 8yo told me he really enjoys being home schooled and wants to continue so he has really stepped up. At 9am he is ready to work and is done by 1 or 2 with a break for lunch.  We also had a talk and he voiced some concerns he had about the fact that I can't really help him when he needs it because of his brother (who's in 1st grade) and the fact that I also help him.  So I went online and found Time 4 Learning.  Time 4 Learning  is online learning.  It is exactly what we needed which was help for one child while I was schooling the other.

Here's an example of our old school day: both boys
9am - argue for 30 minutes than start and work on math sheets for 30 minutes with lots of questions and lots of frustration
10am- try and take a 10 minute brake for snacks bathroom and etc. which would turn into 40 minutes do to more arguing and frustration
11am(ish)-science with experiments no arguing, no frustration but lots of questions.
noon-lunch with play time outside
1pm-English/reading and writing lots more arguing, lots more questions and lots more frustration
2:30pm (ish)- social studies they didn't mind this that much because I read this to them so...
Now what you need to know is that while I would be helping one child I would try my hardest to have the other one working on something else. This didn't always work out. We also had our days where all they wanted to do was argue and school work wouldn't be done until 5pm.

Example of our school day after I found time for learning (and my talk with the boys)
9am- Math worksheets (a little arguing from my 1st grader but he's 6 so...)
but while I would be helping one the other would be doing the math lesson on time 4 learning that went along with our math lesson.
10am- science - science with experiments no arguing, no frustration but lots of questions - While I would be helping one the other would be on the computer doing their time 4 learning that went along with it
11am- Language arts - online for one
            while the other reads and writes
noon - lunch with outside play
1pm - social studies - online for my 3rd graders is all we use now and he loves it
                                    Book for my first grader and online if we are away
Our school day is usually done around 2pm but now that the school year is wrapping up we are sometimes done by lunch.  The best part, well in my opinion, is that  I added weekly spelling tests with words provided by Time 4 learning. They provided a reading list and a spelling list, I have to pick out which words for the test, but I am OK with that. They hate the test but it has really helped them with their reading and writing.
I am so glad I found Time 4 Learning, it has helped us work smoother as teacher and students. Our school day runs so much better now that when they are done for the day, I don't worry that something is missing.
They one question I get a lot of is if we do summer school.  This summer my answer is "yes", 45 minutes of Time 4 Learning every Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus reading everyday.

please note: As a member of Time4Learning, I have been asked to review their online education program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own.

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Aandwsmom said...

I think every homeschooling parent has issues at first, or even seasoned veterans like myself just want to whack our heads on the wall somedays.
It happens, we pull up our panties and take a few deep breathes, let it go and move on!
Frustrating it is though.....hang in there Mom!
We too use T4L and love it! It saved my sanity and my boys have learned a bunch.
Happy Homeschooling!