Sunday, November 24, 2013

Not a bad way to read a book

No I don't usually read books, I listen to them, but since it is a 9 hour plane ride to Hawaii I figured I would get a book for the occasion. The husband was off playing with the kids, the sun was out and I read my book.
First about the book it is the 3rd in the Divergent trilogy. They about about a Chicago that is split up into to fractions and when you are of age you pick yours. These books follow a young girl name Beatrish (she shortens it to Trish) and her journey from one fraction to a completely opposite one. She has to deal with life, love and trying to bring the people who run fractions down. Now onto my opinion! All three books where very well written and I enjoyed "reading" all of them. Never a dull moment, I always to to find out what happened next. But by the end of the third I was very disappointed. The ending wasn't bad, just disappointingly unexpected.

So onto my Hawaiian vacation. Beach vacation are not our thing, they are my thing! Cold, mountains and snow work very well for my husband but he travels for his job and had accrued enough miles for 4 of to enjoy a vacation of my choosing.

Exploring near the turtle bay resort.

Dole plantation

Hiking to a very small waterfall


Hike up Diamond head (view of Waikiki beach)

Pearl Harbor

North shore


And than right before we moved to the next island this little guy showed up!

Crater hiking


Banyan tree

Eucalyptus tree

Pretty rain forest flower

Hana highway

Waiting to go on to our next and final leg of our trip
The big Island

Kona coffee

Best husband got me the best car ever!

Because we're dorks! He's standing I front of a lava tube.

Lava arch

In volcano national park the road used to go all the around until a volcano and it's lava stopped that. No we did not see any flowing lava but we did find the road!

Lava rock

And than this happened the next day. Don't get me wrong I love snow but after 2 weeks of shorts and fun in the sun (yes it did rain but not all the time). I was and am ready to go back.
One word of advice that I wish someone would have told me. If you rent a car it it going to take you about an hour to get anywhere!
- Love ME

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