Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A little sadness

My cousin died today. He was about 3 years older than me but was very sick for at least 3 years. I don't know how to feel about this. I am very sorry for my aunt and my cousin (his sister) and my cousins wife. But on the other hand there is also this sense of relief. He was so sick for so long and was not a very honest person before he got sick. Before you ask I have no idea what was wrong with him. There were so many things over the years and he was in and out of the hospital. Every time he went in they would either find something new or whatever was wrong with him last time was worse this time.
So back to the honesty, he asked if my oldest son could stand up in his wedding. And I told him straight up that we had just had our second son, my husband's 3 month strike had just ended and we had to travel to his wedding. He said to me if I could get there he would take care of the tux rental. When I went to pick up my sons tux I got a bill for $130. My son was almost 3! When I said something to my cousin he said "I'll write you a check." Never got it. Said something again and he said that he sent it and I cashed it. No I didn't. Now I know this sounds petty, but it was more the point that he has not only done this to me but to many members of our family and our family's friends. I do believe that what goes around comes around but for what he's gone through the past 3 years he must have been much more dishonest than I thought. I think the real problem with the way I am feeling about all this is I don't feel loss I feel relief. All my grandparents, 1 uncle and 2 of my aunts have died and with those I felt loss, I was sad. This.... This is new.

- Love ME

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