Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family Woes

My two boys couldn't be more different.

My 8yo has major anxiety issues and get nervous over stuff that he's done his entire life. Which drives me nuts because THAT'S ME! I see a young me a little person who took ballet for 4 years but would never dance in public.
Like in this picture (touch a truck day) he wanted to sit on the zambonie, walked past it 3 times and than asked to leave. We had to pick up his little brother from camp. After getting him we walked past 1 more time and his 6yo little brother ran over to it wanted to sit on it. He climbed right up and sat down. No issues. Only than did he sit on it. I asked him latter why he didn't sit down the first time. His answer "I didn't want to get into to trouble". It took everything I had to not yell out "it's touch a truck day that's why their there."
One of my friends once told me when your child does something you hate about yourself it looks 100X worse.
- Love ME

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