Saturday, March 16, 2013

When the kids are away...

Mom REALLY cleans the house! Not my ideal Sunday but a couple of weeks ago after my 7yo finished his hockey practice my husband took the kids to the auto show for the day. I was going to go shopping but instead of that I cleaned.
The cleaning concoction - baking soda, peroxide- make a paste put on grout and than let it sit.
I worked in sections so by the time I finished putting the paste down I would start from the beginning to clean it up. Lots of water and toothbrushes.



Water before

Water after- gross

Magic eraser and elbow grease-

Everyone got new toothbrushes after this cleaning!

All the cleaning took me about 6 hours and than I had to make dinner.
Fun day but weeks later the grout and bath tub still look great.
- Love ME

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