Friday, February 8, 2013

Diets don't have to start on a Monday

Every morning I wake up and say "today's the day. Today I'm going to watch my snacking and start my road to those last 5 pounds." And by 3pm I'm in the pantry snacking, all be it healthy, but 500 calories of snacks doesn't help loose weight.
So today is the day, today I am going start my 3 day whole body detox.
Here's my plan -
24oz of water (infused with lemon and ginger) before noon
24oz of water before 5pm
16oz of water before 10pm
Yes I will be spending most of my day peeing but that is the amount of water I should be drinking anyway.
At 9am I will be having a smoothie - 8oz coconut milk, 1cup berry mix,hand full of carrots
At 1pm I will be having the same thing
By 3-4pm I will be starving so I will drink my water and have a salad
And dinner will be determined.

What does this detox do? I have no idea. What do I hope it will do? Reset myself. I have been in such a bad funk lately, my husband and I fought for 20 minutes last night because I was shoveling the snow wrong. Yes to some people it sounds like my husband is a jerk but no, he's just a little OCD about stuff like this. I know this but I was trying to piss him so I could feel something other than guilt and self loathing. Why you may ask? Honestly because my pants are getting a little tighter. Ok I'm a size 6/7 and should be happy with that but when they start getting a little tighter I start feeling a little ... I don't know... Depressed. So this year I'm not going to just sit down with my hand in a bag of veggie chips, I'm going to stand up and take my life back.

- Keep crafting! Love, Me.

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