Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pumpkin everywhere

This year we were a little lazy when it can to carving pumpkins. If you do it to early the rote and if you wait well, it never gets done because than all the sudden it's the day before Halloween and you think, if I just leave them they can be decoration till thanksgiving.
So now that it's time to start decorating for the holidays the pumpkins had to go. But first we need to get the seeds out to roast them.

Then we destroyed them so they can decompose over the winter in the garden.
I decided it would be a good lesson for the kids. I sent them to the garden with 2 pumpkins and told them to figure out how to destroy them. Find the toughest part and the weakest part of the pumpkin. Than when the other 2 were done being deseeded I would bring them out and they could show me what they had done. Honestly it had more to do with the fact they really wanted to smash them and 2 were done, but they don't need to know that.
So, when I brought the other 2 out I asked what they had figured out. They said "a shovel is good for slicing it but a hammer does a much better job at destroying it".
Ok, not exactly what I had in mind but it got the job done. Now I was out there to supervise this time.

We tried jumping

We tried throwing

Neither worked.

I had to walk away for a moment (to get my dog who likes to wander) and came back to hear a big cheer.
If they threw it against the log first

It would split and make it weaker

I was really cold so I left them to do whatever they wanted with the last pumpkin, they got the hammer.
- Keep crafting! Love, Me.

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Brandie said...

LOL! Love that! We just toss ours in the garden and let winter take care of them but I bet my kids would have more fun smashing them for sure!