Monday, November 26, 2012

Injured while I work

I have never made a blanket like this before. A no sew very easy fleece blanket and now I know why. I have been using my rotary cutter for almost 10 years and today on this easy project I cut my finger. My 5 year old got me the band-aid.

The way you make this blanket is very basic
1.- get 2 pieces of fleece in the size you want the blanket to be.

2.- cut 7" into each corner of the fleece

3.- cut fringe. Cut 7" down every 1".

Tip - fold your fleece in half and than cut the fringe you'll only cut "half" of each side and than it doesn't take as long. I learned this after my first side.

Tip-tried 4 layers had to cut,cut,cut and than cut 1more time,not easy, so I think I'll stick to 2. Sorry red doesn't photograph well.

4.- after all 4 sides of each fleece is cut lay the 2 together and knot the fringe together.
Tip- remember to start at 1 side and work your way all the way around.


After he tried by himself we figured out a great way to work together. He wrapped the fringe around my fingers and pulled it through. We did 2 sides together before he needed a break. So while dinner cooked I finished it.

This was going to be a gift but he loved it so much (because he helped) we kept it. Whatever!
I would say I was listening to a book but I'm waiting to hear from the library that any of my holds are ready. I'm finished with book 4 of The 39 clues and the 5th one comes out soon but I'm like number 39 on the waiting list so...
I am actually reading a book it's taking me awhile and I only have it for 4 more days and 180 pages left so we'll see. Ok now I have to tell you what book right, DUH!
It's called The Kill Order by James Dashner it's the prequel to the maze runner series which I really enjoyed. This is in the teen category but I would consider it young adult because there is a lot of (natural) death in them. But I was talking to my 15 yo nephew on Thanksgiving and he was telling me about the book he was reading and I was telling him about this one. Turns out he's reading the series so I think I might get him this one for Christmas. Once I'm done with this one I think I'm going to have to go back and relisten to the maze runner. See if all makes sense.

- Keep crafting! Love, Me.

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