Sunday, November 18, 2012

A new book, a new idea!

I finished Reached and it had a very expected unexpected ending. It was a love triangle where no one gets hurt.
So I had to start listening to something else, luckily my library emailed me that it was my turn for an audiobook that I put on hold. I downloaded it and ...
I have to admit I love The 39 clues. I started to read them to my kids before bed but I finished the first 2 books before we even finished reading the first one. I just couldn't stop, I needed to know what was going to happened next. Since it is written for kids it is a very easy read so in my defense I got though them in 2 nights. I started to listen to them so I could get to bed before 1am.
The books are about a brother (Dan) and a sister (Amy) as they travel the world to hunt for the 39 Clues about their family. The ending to all 11 books left it open for another set of books, which they did. So today I started the second set of books Cahills (Amy & Dan's family) VS. Vespers (a rival family) so far this book picks up right where the last ones left off. The best part I think about these books is they keep moving forward, you really want to know what is going to happened next. The kids even enjoy listening to them, it is so well read. The man reading it gives each character their own voice and it really seems like he enjoys these book. Here's an excerpt.
I had to wind another skein of yarn so I could continue my knitting project. Awhile ago I bought myself

Yarn cozy's but each of them were in use so I had to improvise with

I started with my skein and ball winder

Than after the ball was done I cut the panty hose and wrapped it around the yarn

Pulling the hose I cut it again

And tied a knot

Now my ball will stay together and I had an emergency yarn keeper

Here's a picture with the toe and the bottom of the tied one

I pulled the yarn through and tied another knot

Yes these are 2 different yarns I after finishing the grey yarn I figured there where other pictures I wanted to show.
- love me!

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Brandie said...

A. I'm jealous that you have a ball winder. I'm going to show up one day with a bag of yarn adn wind away LOL!
B. Good idea to use the panty hose. I bought some cheap yarn holder thingys but they suck. Sigh.