Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The littlest angel

We read a classic story about a selfless act of an angel.

The story was very sweet but the words were way to hard for my kids to understand. So they only kind of understood what the meaning behind the story was.
To go along with the story we made paper plate angels.
First I cut a paper plate in half and let the boys color the "wrong" side of the plate.

My 3 year old (Monkey) colored his.

My 5 year old (Giraffe) felt his needed more detail like a face.

I than cut a yellow pipe cleaner in half and bent it to look like a halo. Mr.W figured out his own while I making Mr.A's.
I than taped the halo to the middle of the other side (or on the "right" side) of the plate. I had a bag of feathers but if wasn't for the rain we would have gone out to find a feather to use as the wings. I made the paper plate look like a cone and taped it, than stapled the feather into place.

The kids have enjoyed played with their angels making the fly and play together.
- Me

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